Electric Weed Wackers – 2017 Buyers’ Guide and Reviews

Beautiful gardens, lawns, or yards are not grown by themselves, rather the products of extensive hard work. As much as we love fabulous gardens, a consistent routine of manicuring them for long hours is not really our favorite task to do. The back aches, muscle pains, and sometimes sunburn will probably make us hate having home gardens. This is why weed wackers are widely used by homeowners at the present. They made grass cutting almost painless by saying goodbye to the manual cutting using grass clippers. Today, professionally landscaped gardens are not far from being achievable by inexperienced home owners.

Electric weed wackers, or what other people also call weed whip, line trimmer, weed eater, or string trimmer, may be one of the most popular lawn tools today. They make grass cutting and weed control already very easy, but technology still continues to make more innovations and put more intelligent features on them. If they are already making gardening works so handy today, then maybe in the near future, we would only have to sit and watch them do the work by themselves. It’s not impossible, right?

Electric weed wackers don’t make much difference with gas-powered weed trimmers. The later may output a little bit more power than the first, but basically, electric weed wackers also give high power to complete an extensive range of weed cutting. Most models today are fusioned with other gardening tools making them a versatile duo efficient in doing more lawn works.


With so many brands, types, and models of weed wackers out there, consumers already find it quite difficult to make a steady decision on which unit they should really buy. Almost all makers claim that they are manufacture the best weed wacker. But if you come to think of it, units of different brands are almost the same. People have their own preferences and they have their own criteria in judging which is perfect for them. If you want the best weed wacker, then it is important that you greatly understand your needs. Finding what’s suitable for you will not be a problem then.

Weed eaters are subdivided according to different categories like features, power support, and more. Considering what you need should narrow down your choices until you come up with the best weed trimmer that you deserve. Not doing so may lead you to a purchase that is only a waste of money. So instead of “comfortable”, you end up with “hassle”. Below are some suggestion that you may consider before you grab your wallet and make a purchase.

Cordless vs. Corded

Corded trimmers, as I’ve said earlier, have unlimited supply of electricity sine they are directly plugged to the power source. You will be saved from the trouble of being at the middle of your task then your equipment dies out on you so you need to recharge the battery before you can continue. However, their downside would include the tussle of getting tied up to cords.

Cordless trimmers are very popular today. Almost all homeowners, even professional landscapers and gardeners, want to own one. The ultimate convenience in handling cordless weed wackers enable owners to work on wider lots because they don’t have lines that will limit their reach. The only problem here though is that, it operate for 30 to 60 minutes then it dies out. You will need to do your job a little faster so you won’t have to get into the hassle of waiting for a charging battery to finish. A remedy to this is buying an extra battery so you can still continue with your work while charging the other dead battery.

Automatic vs. Bump Feed

The main advantage of automatic feed trimmers is that you can focus to where the grass ends than watch on the length of the string. Since it works by sending out more line when the string is running short already, you won’t have to stop and bump the grass debris before you can use a full length of spun string to cut again.

Bump feed trimmers basically give you more control on which direction you want to dispose the grass debris. This tool also gives you more control on how much line of string you use in cutting since you are the one who will advance the string to be used by bumping the head on the ground. A DIY repair on string troubles is also possible with this type since its mechanism is more simplified, you can just go over Youtube to find a procedural video on how to fix the string.

Handling Tips

In handling any tool, it is very important to have safety precautions. One of the best ways to handle a tool safely is to know how to properly operate them. Manuals are provided in every tool’s packaging to give a step by step procedure on the tool’s usage. If the manual seems vague and hard to follow, instructional videos are all over the web to have a clearer picture on how you should handle your equipment.

Almost all weed wackers today come with safety feature to keep its cutting mechanism secluded from users’ direct reach. So, the next thing to consider is the use of complete personal protective equipment.

Where to Buy Electric Weed Wackers

Local markets may have varieties of equipment in store but not everything are readily available. The nearest shop you can visit is still in the internet. The advantage of shopping online is that you can research on the different products available. You are also sure to get the latest models released and check their complete features from their websites or from marketing sites like Amazon. Reviews, product comparisons, price comparisons, and more are available online which will give you a better guide on which will be your best buy. Products are usually delivered 2-5 days after date of order depending on the availability and area where the item will be delivered.

Benefits of Electric Weed Wackers

Lawn trimming won’t be complete without the finishing touches made by weed trimmers. They are the ones who give a perfect look on lawns which other tools cannot provide.

These may be the most important things you need to know about an electric weed eater before you buy one. Like I always say, it best to know what you are purchasing to avoid having the regrets of buying the wrong equipment. A hundred bucks is still a hundred bucks.

To help you further let us look at some of the top rating electric weed wackers for 2015 from the popularmechanics site where they test equipment. This time they tested and ranked 7 of the Best String Trimmers

Black & Decker LST136

Black and Decker LST136Ranking: * * * *

Voltage: 36
Weight*: 7.8 LB
Cut Width: 13 IN.

Likes: Every electric trimmer could use the feature that helps this product excel: a Power Command dial that lets you adjust power from 1 to 6. The 1 setting is for maximum run time; 6 gives maximum power. The cut quality is superb at any setting.

Dislikes: None noted.

* All weights include battery

Core CGT400

Core CGT400Ranking: * * * * 1/2

Voltage: 21
Weight: 11 LB
Cut Width: 14 IN.

Likes: Smooth-cutting and powerful, the Core looks and feels like a gas-engine trimmer, but it’s blissfully quiet.

Dislikes: We experienced line-feeding problems. Core said our tool was a preproduction model and that the problem has been fixed with a new line feed and cutoff system.

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Craftsman C3 315.CR2000

Craftsman C3 315 CR2000Ranking: * * * 1/2

Voltage: 19.2
Weight: 7.3 LB
Cut Width: 12 IN.

Likes: Rubberized grip surfaces plus excellent adjustability of head and handle angles and shaft length make the Craftsman comfortable to operate.

Dislikes: Needs a stiffer or thicker line for more aggressive cutting.

Cub Cadet ST59L

Cub Cadet ST59LRanking: * * * *

Voltage: 20
Weight: 8.2 LB
Cut Width: 12 IN.

Likes: With a 40-minute run time in a mixture of short grass, tall grass, and knee-high weeds, this tool shows stamina.

Dislikes: Better trigger and handle geometry would make the Cub Cadet less tiring to use.

Ryobi RY24200

Ryobi RY24200Ranking: * * * *

Voltage: 24
Weight: 8.15 LB
Cut Width: 13 IN.

Likes: Top-notch combination of light weight, aggressive power, and adjustability.

Dislikes:The small plastic wheel intended to allow the trimmer to be used vertically along sidewalks is ineffective; better to just ignore it and hold the trimmer vertically.

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Stihl FSA 85

Stihl FSA 85Ranking: * * * * *

Voltage: 36
Weight: 8.7 LB
Cut Width: 14 IN.

Likes: With enough power for commercial work, the Stihl slices through grass, tall grass, and knee-deep weeds. It’s the only trimmer capable of reliably cutting briars with a 3/16-inch-diameter stalk.

Dislikes: None noted.

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Troy-Bilt TB60 AF

Troy-Bilt TB60 AFRanking: * * * *

Voltage: 20
Weight: 9.12 LB
Cut Width: 14 IN.

Likes:If you hate dealing with trimmer string, this is your machine. It’s equipped with four flexible plastic blades that can be installed or replaced in minutes. They cut grass effectively yet gently. If you accidentally hit a tree trunk, you won’t strip its bark.

Dislikes:None noted.

Other recommended trimmers

Top rated string trimmers

Name/Image Learn MoreBrandRatingPower source
Tanaka TCG22EASSLP/TCG24EBSP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

Tanaka TCG22EASSLP/TCG24EBSP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

view pricefull review Tanaka (Hitachi)5 Star Average Rating Gasoline
GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer

GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer

view pricefull review Greenworks4.5 Star Average Rating Corded
Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

view pricefull review Black&Decker4.5 Star Average Rating Battery
Husqvarna 128ldx

Husqvarna 128ldx

view pricefull review Husqvarna5 Star Average Rating Gasoline

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