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Turf grass is the key to a beautiful tomorrow. It has been the basis for a green America. Turf is considered an “anti pollutant” unapproached by any artificial means. A thick green lawn prevents soil erosion, and subsequent stream pollution, helps control heat pollution and reduces noise pollution. More important is the fact that it replenishes the oxygen supply in the air we breathe. An average lawn can replenish the air with enough oxygen for eight people. Not only that turf absorbs and detoxifies sulfur dioxide, a critical air pollutant associated with the burning of fossil fuels.

The garden makes the home

Growing lawns has already been a part of the American home lifestyle. It almost seem impossible to grow something green in the urban areas because of the crowded space in the neighborhood, the pollution, and mostly, because of the people’s busy schedule that they can’t even spare some time to grow their own gardens or if they do have, they don’t get to find time to maintain them.

Personally, I don’t want a home that is fascinating inside but generally dull outside. My idea is, if I have an exquisite indoor, I must also have an ethereal attraction outdoor. I especially believe that a well-manicured, clean yard adds to a property’s beauty. Adding more colors and some ornaments makes it look more alive. Landscaping, gardening, and lawn caring can be time-consuming but for a stay-home person, it can be an exciting hobby. Anyway, we are not in the ancient times anymore. Technology has made our lives extremely comfortable by supplying a modern, handy something to almost anything and everything we do today.

Years back, we already said our goodbyes to the old fashioned gardening tools like the forefather of the mowers and trimmers today, the scythe; or the ancestors of the blowers and sweepers, the rake. The evolution of these modern tools also has their own history. And all the innovations begun with the first ever power tool in gardening, the lawn mower. From this god, sprouted a wide range of power tools. So I guess, thanks to the mower who initiated the technological growth of all the tools that come in so handy today.

The Gas Powered Weed Eaters

In any kind of gardening tools today, the gas types are always the beast among other types. If you a have a wide yard to maintain and cleaning it includes getting rid of knee-high weeds, then your weed eating job will ask you to get a gas-powered weed wacker. The main downside of this type is its difficult start up. However today, engines are being improved so cranking will be easier for your ease. They can be very loud and give off pollution, but these days, they are already attached with mufflers and air cleaners to put a solution to those complains. The father of technology will be greatly insulted if they are not placed with remedies or should I say, improved with better concepts.

If great power is what you want in a tool, definitely go for gas weed eaters.

How to Find the Best Gas Weed Eater?

Finding the best gas weed eater can be real tough today where there are so many brands who release an extensive variety of makes and models. It could be so confusing. The best way to know is to utilize the marketing sites over the internet. Amazon gives good reviews, list of features and specs, and inclusions. Another way is to check on product comparisons. They are all over the web. From there you can evaluate and reevaluate before you finally decide on which is going to be your best purchase. Remember, research, compare, and evaluate to be sure that you won’t waste a single penny.

Husqvarna 128DJx 17-inch 28cc 2-Stroke – My Personal Choice


Of all the gazillion portable products out there, decision-making comes otherwise, they don’t come in handy. Like I said a while back, before purchasing, you have to check everything about the product to see if it suits your needs. I stumbled upon this  Husqvarna 128DJx 17-inch 28cc 2-Stroke, and I knew that it was meant for me.

I purchased my unit just last year and was so excited to try it. I even grew weeds on my yard extra long that time to have a good look if this thing really is what they say it is, a monster, gas weed eater. So, unboxing the item, everything was in perfect condition, and I was able to assemble it in no time. The manual was clear with its instructions so assembly and operation hasn’t been a problem. I was able to crank it easily and it was almost vibration-free. Trying it on my 100 square-meter yard, the unit amazingly cut through anything that went under its blade so fast. The unit didn’t have a problem over the thick weeds. I was trying to wait to see even the least  negative about it, but I didn’t find anything wrong with it, well except for the tolerable noise which I can remedy with ear muffs.

Some people would complain about bog down on full throttle or during a cold start. Users should be aware about the warm up time because every gas engine do need a warm up before the full start. The solution to the blog down is by adjusting the choke of the engine. Well, it is quite technical talking about it since it follows the carburetor system like those installed on older model of cars. Lean mixture floods the carburetor with more gas in the fuel mixture. This is what causes the the bog down. Making more air enter the engine’s carburetor will make the fuel mixture richer which is what the engine needs for smooth operation.

My baby is turning one this month, and I couldn’t be happier to see that it is still working and looking like brand new.  Gas weed eaters work well for me. Hopefully, I can get more budget to get a upgrade, of course from Husqvarna.

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Tanaka TCG22EASSLP/TCG24EBSP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

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Husqvarna 128ldx

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