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DEWALT DCST920P1 20V MAX 5.0 - Follow reviews and check more of its features at

Throw your ancient cutting tools away and enjoy the comfort in maintaining your lawns. The DEWALT DCST920P1 20V MAX 5.0 is a primo string trimmer brand that makes the qualities easy, affordable, powerful and durable definitely tanglible. Gone are the days of feeling lazy in cutting grasses out from your wide yards, with this high-powered trimmer, cleaning is perfectly done in no time.

People love making their homes attractive beacuse it gives their houses an edge over a line of other homes with similar, boring features. Landscaping with lush lawns is a favorite decorating means but over time, maintaining yards become much more of a hassle than an exciting task to do. They forget the importance of keeping them clean and healthy and tend to neglect their gardenings responsibilities.

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Cutting grass is essential to the overall health and proper growth of your lawn.Mowing correctly has the biggest impact on how your lawn looks and it’s health. If your lawn already has a problem, a bad mow job either caused the problem or will make the problem worse.One can also say that it is one of the most time consuming steps in your lawncare regiment. I’m a “glass is half-full” kind of guy. Think of it this way… are killing two birds with one stone.

  • Creating/maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.
  • Creating/maintaining a healthy you. Cutting grass can be your exercise for the day.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to cut your own lawn or hire a lawn mowing service. This step can be your lawn’s best friend by attaining a lawn that is:

  • dens
  • has fewer weed
  • actively grow
  • looks great

Why is Trimming Important in Lawn Care?

Trimming is very important in urban areas where house appearance matters a lot. Trimming to the right standards higly contributes to a safe cutting experience and will allow you to save a lot of energy, money, and time. Setting a regular schedule for trimming limits soil erosion, control weed attack, and enhance the natural beauty of your yards.

The Tools in trimming

During the earlier years, people never have much choice than to use the classic scythe. But drastic changes were brought when lawn mowers were invented during the early 1800s. These mechanical devices were designed to conveniently cut grasses as an alternative to the scythe. And now, cutting becomes a lot handier by integrating a machine with a light hand tool. String trimmers are born to provide a cheaper, more effortless, and simpler way of manicuring lawns. Trimmers, however, are not complete substitutes to mowers. There are still benefits that modern trimmers can provide like in cleaning a whole yard for football or putting striped grass art on a vast lawn.

Models of Trimmers

An extensive range of trimmer brands are out in the market and people get confused on what make a one different from the others. The basic feature you can look at is the model or type. Normally, there are two types of weed eaters and they are:

Straight shaft and curved shaft. These types rotate the line in varying directions. The rotation direction of the trimmer’s blade is important to know because it is the determinant on which way the grasses are thrown out. This way, you can note on your preferred side of the cutting path to use and search the market which complies with your demands.

  • Curved-shaft trimmers are normally lighter, cheaper, and better balanced. This type is best for trimming around flower beds and paths found on a typical home landscape. They are typically the shorter type, making them easier to handle and store on a shed. You might want to check your heights though if the length of this model will allow you to comfortably reach the ground or you have to painstakingly bend over the whole cleaning period to reach the lawn.
  • Straight-shaft trimmers are the more powerful and flexible type. Their shafts are longer, which gives them more reach for a faster cutting under shrubs and fences Reduction gears lower the spinning speed and thereby increase the power to the line. There may be some difficulties in using this type but they are very durable which makes them a fair choice for purchase.

Split-shaft trimmers are sometimes called combination-trimmers. This type consists a two-piece shaft which accepts various attachments such as a blower, blower vacuum, cultivator, edger, hedge trimmer, pruner, and even a snow thrower. Changing attachments is very convenient as pushing a button or twisting a knob.

Product Main Features

  • Brushless Motor maximizing motor efficiency and durability
  • Dual 0.080″ line with bump feed, with 13-inch cutting swath
  • Variable trigger with speed control
  • Patented gear drive design
  • Includes 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery, along with charger

The DEWALT DCST920P1 20V MAX Lithium Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer (5.0 Ah) provides precise power control with a variable speed trigger as well as performance and run time management with the Hi/Lo speed control switch. The brushless motor maximizes motor efficiency and durability. The patented gear drive design will provide more torque and maintain cut speed under load, while the dual .080″ line with bump feed clears a full 13 Inch. Well balanced and only 8.5 lbs., the string trimmer easy to maneuver and puts less stress on the user. Includes: DCST920 String Trimmer, 20V MAX 5 Ah Lithium Ion Battery, Charger, Auxiliary Handle and Guard, 0.080″ line rewound in spool.

Helpful Video in Deciding Which Trimmer Brand is Best to Purchase

A lot of makers are competing to climb to the top rank in the market. Almost all have the same functions, only varying a bit in some features, but basically, these hundreds of brands emersing provide a modern, easier, and powerful tools to aid in making yards clean and enticing. It is in the consumers discretion and wisdom then to decide on which brand suits them right. People will usually look at the performance rating, purchase cost, power rating, longetivity, durability notes, and handling features to check on the possible good buy. Afterall, people have different preferences on which product is best. It just depends now on how properly a person researches to be sure the purchase doesn’t end up in regret.

Helpful Client Reviews

Another great Dewalt tool ★★★★★

Another great Dewalt tool. Since I use Dewalt tools for work and have a stack of 20v batteries, this caught my eye. Works really well for weed eating around the house to keep thing trimmed up. When thing get thick it is little slower and I wouldn’t use it for overgrown areas but for weekly trimming to keep thing looking nice, its perfect. It does use up batteries, took 2 to do my yard, but since I have several thats not a problem. If you want the power of a gas trimmer, try the 40v. For weekly upkeep, this is the one.
Thoroughly impressed. ★★★★★

Having trouble with my 11 year old gas trimmer, I was looking at some of the newer technology battery trimmers. I really wanted the 40V model after reading the reviews on here and considering I have a 1.5 acre rural lot. I decided to try the 20V model because of the price. The battery had two bars out of the box and took approximately 30 minutes to fully charge. My expectations weren’t real high considering I had some heavy trimming to do. Well I must say I was surprised and impressed. I used the low speed mode for battery conservation, but that was really all I needed. I trimmed a lot of grass that was 12″ high and slightly damp with no trouble. After trimming all that was needed, I kept going to areas that hadn’t been mowed yet just to see how long it would last. After I was tired of trimming the battery still had a bar left ready to keep going. I couldn’t believe how much I had trimmed and didn’t need another battery. I am also impressed with the Dewalt line that came with the trimmer. With all the trimming I only had to advance the line twice and probably only needed to do it once. The first time I just had to try it since I am used to using so much line with my other trimmer. This was trimming around wooden and chain link fence, concrete and rock walls as well. I am glad I didn’t spend the extra money on the 40V now. If the battery life gets even better like everyone says, I don’t see a need for a second battery. I would definitely recommend this trimmer. I can’t see most residential owners needing more and even like myself with outlying areas this does the job.

DEWALT DCST920P1 20V MAX 5.0 - Follow reviews and check more of its features at

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