Husqvarna 128ldx

Product Name:128ldx
Power source:Gasoline
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The Husqvarna 128LDX is a high quality, multitasking equipment in the product line of the leading brand in powerhouse garden/lawn tools. It is a gas powered weed wacker which makes it a reliable aid in heavy duty cutting tasks.

Product Pros

  • It has a detachable pole saw to accept other Husqvarna attachments like edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, clean sweep broom, trimmer
  • Starting is easy.
  • It has a powerful engine to cut what it is intended for.
  • It can cut through taller weeds without dropping a sweat.
  • Lightweight for a gas powered trimmer
  • It is cordless.

Man testing the power reliability of Husqvarna 128LDX on heacy duty cutting

Product Cons

  • It needs a full warm-up before use.
  • Bogs down on full throttle and stops operating.

The Husqvarna 128ldx is a highly effective tool to use for heavy duty trimming and cutting. Waiting time for a full warm up won’t take too long to see how versatile its is as a powerhouse tool.

Product Key Feature

  • 26cc 2 cycle engine
  • 17-inch cutting swath
  • Husqvarna pro attachment capable
  • Smart Start technology for easy starting with minimal effort
  • Auto return stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting

Gas vs Electric

Basically, the two types of garden/lawn tools have their own benefits and downsides. Whichever you land on purchasing, the important thing is that you assessed which tool will suit you needs. Decision-making depends on a lot of factors but the what’s vital is that you purchase from your preference for a trusted brand to make sure that you paid for a high quality product.


The most obvious difference between a gas and electric tool is the power output produced. Gas definitely gives a higher power rate than the electric. They have their own purposes though. You might consider electric tools for a small yard since the amount of work won’t require an overflow of power. Gas tools, however, are best for heavier jobs like taking down bigger volumes of grass or taller weeds. Evaluating the job that you have to do will be a great help in deciding which will be the perfect fit for you.


Electric tools are generally more expensive than gas-powered  tools upon purchase. However, in the long run, purchase of oil and gas will make it more costly.

So, which is the better deal? From my perspective, if you have a tiny yard (0.1 acres or less), it’s going to take a very long time for the energy savings for the electric mower to catch up to the initial savings on the gas-powered mower. Similarly, if your yard is larger than a single charge of the electric mower than cover, the hassle probably won’t be worth it.

The sweet spot is when you have a yard that begins to approach the size that a fully charged electric mower can cover – say, 1/3 of an acre. You’re going to be using the mower enough that the savings on energy use will quickly add up over time and eventually overtake the initial extra cost of buying an electric mower.

Simply put, if you have a tiny yard (0.1 acres or less) or a big yard (much over 0.5 acres), a gas mower will save you money. Otherwise, an electric mower is probably the better deal.

Remedy for Cold Start

Cold start usually happens when the engine’s temperature is relatively lower than its normal operating temperature. So, it does not necessarily mean that it is due to being ignited on a cold weather. Storing the unit in a cold room and the engine being made of metal, will absorb the cool air making it cold.

The best remedy to cold start is to wait for 10-30 seconds to condition the engine before a full start. This way, warming up your tool’s engine to its optimal, working temperature will be faster.

Any gas powered engine operates at its ultimate efficiency at a certain temperature range. It is the high temperature that efficiently burn the fuel ratio inside the engine, and the more efficient the burning becomes, the more fuel is burned, and thus supplying more power to the unit.

So far… so good. ★★★★★
So far… great!
The item was packaged quite well. No damage to the unit or attachments. Instructions were clear and it was very easy to put the final assembly together. I purchased the premixed fuel/oil by Husqvarna. Starting the unit was easy; just follow the directions to the letter. It sounded a bit off the 1st 3-5 minutes until it warmed up; then it ran well after it found its own. I found that the unit does not whine high/loud like other weed eaters to get the job done; I used to wrap out my other weed eaters to get the torque up to do the job. I was concerned with the fuel; whether or not I purchased an adequate amount. I had a fair amount of work to do living in a rural area. I was surprised that 1 can fuel/oil mix lasted the entire job. The straight shaft is nice; wished I found out just how nice a few years ago.
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