Tanaka TCG22EASSLP/TCG24EBSP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

Product Name:TCG22EASSLP
Brand:Tanaka (Hitachi)
Power source:Gasoline
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Key product information

  • 21.1cc (also comes in variants with 23.9 and 26.9 cc engines) Commercial grade 2 stroke engine provides excellent performance and reliability
  • S-Start reduces the amount of pull-force required to start the unit by 50%
  • Solid Steel Drive Shaft provides smooth and efficient power transfer from the engine to the cutting head
  • 4-inch Semi-automatic trimmer head provides hassle-free operationUses Blade Conversion Kit No. 748504
  • CARB Compliant
  • 7 year warranty (!)

Product description

It’s back! Tanaka’s best selling grass trimmer now features a 21cc low emission PureFire engine and a heavy-duty anti-vibration system to help reduce fatigue. Weighing just 9.7 lbs., this commercial grade trimmer / brush cutter features excellent power-to-weight, a 60-inch solid steel drive shaft, 4-inch semi-automatic cutting head, and is backed by a seven year consumer use warranty. Optional attachments are available (TPH-210, TPS-210, TMC-200).

Un-boxing and review video

A viewer (under the handle d sch) of the video above asked: How is this trimmer 2 years later – still working good? And 2 years later the answer was “Still works amazing! Very awesome machine”

Featured reviews

Professional trimmer cheaper than the big box stores ★★★★★

I had been looking at string trimmers for a couple of months. My old craftsman (circa 1988) finally gave up the ghost. But everything I saw in the big box stores (the blue one and the orange one) looked cheap and flimsy in my price range (less than $200). So I decided to look around online and see what was available even if I needed to pay a bit extra for quality. I had heard about Tanaka but never considered it because my only contact was with a commercial lawn service that used their equipment. So I was looking mainly at Toro and Stihl hoping for a deal out there. A search on Amazon led to this Tanaka unit. There was very little information on the internet about it since it’s brand new.

So how does it perform? Unbelievable! Power, power, power. The heavy brush on the lower part of our lot that I had been avoiding because of the sickly Craftsman met it’s match and went down without a fight. The engine is very smooth with little vibration. It seems to be comfortable for a while (20 minutes or so) but I’m thinking about a sling. The straight shaft puts the cutter head right where you need it. It started right up with a a few pumps of the primer bulb and then restarted on an easy half pull of the starter rope. There was a little assembly required (mounting the cutter and the handle) but Tanaka even included the tools to put it together.

Overall I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend this unit. Plus I found out after I bought it that Tanaka has a $40 rebate through the end of June so it was really a steal! (source)

Believe all the other 4 and 5 star reviews … ★★★★★

You won’t go wrong with this string trimmer – light, powerful, and starts every time on the first or second pull.

Since there are so many other detailed reviews already on Amazon for this trimmer and its corporate twin, the Hitachi-badged version, I’m going to try to avoid repeating a lot of what’s already been written and just share some personal insights and impressions, along with some suggestions for product improvements (Tanaka/Hitachi – are you listening?):

– I ordered the Tanaka branded oil mix from Amazon also, and once it arrived (separate from the trimmer) I mixed it into fresh 89-octane gas; a commercial lawnmower dealer and repair shop that had rebuilt my old Ryobi weed wacker in the past told me to always use high-octane gas for 2-cycle engines; I guess 91-octane might be even better; anyway, I gassed up the Tanaka, flipped down the choke lever, pulled the start cord once, flipped up the choke lever, and pulled the cord again and it started right away! Two pulls to start, right out of the box!

– I’ve used this trimmer every week for the last 6 weeks; it ALWAYS starts by the second pull (per the choke-on/choke-off instructions) when cold, and ALWAYS starts on the first pull when warm; and I use the word “pull” loosely; quite literally, all you need to do is a simple bending motion of the forearm at the elbow to start this trimmer when warm – virtually no effort at all! None of that full arm/shoulder/upper body twisting 15 times (like prepping for a shotput throw) while holding down your old trimmer to the ground with your foot on its uncooperative throat; when warm, I just hold my Tanaka in the air in my left hand and gently pull to start with my right hand – yes, it IS that easy; I still don’t know how they designed this trimmer to start so easily without fighting against any noticeable cylinder compression, and perhaps more surprisingly, how they got this trimmer manufactured to the typically high Japanese design specs while having it actually made in China!

– I have some ivy growing on a tall side wall and it is always a pain to trim the top growing edge manually with hand clippers, etc. so I decided to try using the Tanaka one day to do it; now, that meant that I had to turn the Tanaka literally upside down to reach the top growing edge of the ivy above my head height; I was surprised that the Tanaka actually ran in the upside-down orientation at full power with no hiccupping or cutting out at all!

Some things that could be improved however:

– In my research into commercial-grade trimmers near this price range, I had tried out an Echo-225 in my local orange big box store as well as at my neighborhood commercial lawnmower dealer and repair shop; (surprising to me, the lawnmower dealer was selling the Echo-225 for the same price as the big box store); what I really liked about the Echo was that the D-shaped accessory handle you hold in your left hand if you’re right-handed was completely covered in a really nice spongy dense rubber; it was very, VERY comfortable and I could imagine how it would cut down on any vibration-caused tingling in the hand and fingers normally experienced after about 45-60 minutes of using a trimmer; I ended up still buying the Tanaka though I wish they had this anti-vibration spongy rubber grip – I guess it will be a future DIY project

– The trimmer On/Off kill switch is just a little too prominently placed and is prone to being activated accidentally; I’ve done it a number of times myself and more than once early on, wondered worriedly why my vaunted Tanaka was taking 3,4,even 5 pulls and still wasn’t starting? That is, until I realized that the kill switch had been hit accidentally; after resetting it, the trimmer always started with just one pull; if I was Tanaka, I would replace the rocker switch design with a slide switch, or re-position the rocker-style switch to somewhere where it isn’t as prone to getting hit accidentally

– To trim my driveway and sidewalk edges, I use the Tanaka rotated over 90 degrees so that the spinning line is in a vertical orientation; no problem with the power or anything there, but I have found that for whatever reason, the trimming line seems to break completely off on one side a lot without much warning; since you can’t tap to advance more line if one side is completely broken off, it requires me to take time to stop and open up the head to rethread the line (maybe the line breaks more due to increased contact with the concrete)

– Speaking of rethreading the trimmer head, this is my biggest pet peeve about the Tanaka overall – after using up the initial trimmer line that came loaded in the head, I’ve been reloading with some 0.095″ line I have lying around; it may be a little stiffer than the original Tanaka line, but I find where you start the line-threading in the head to be a very poor design; to load the Tanaka head, you fold a length of line about in the middle and then hook this folded part over a cut section in the head’s middle and then simultaneously string both top and bottom halves of the reel at the same time; the problem is that this little starting point is just a simple vertical cut in the plastic head – there is no curved notch, no hook, not even a slanted cut to hold the trimmer line in while you start winding it around the reel; I find that I have to hold the line down with my left index finger while winding the line onto the reel with my right – otherwise, it just keeps slipping off; Tanaka should have just designed the starting point to be more like a natural hook

– By virtue of its shaft length and overall design, when holding the Tanaka in a vertical orientation to trim driveways and sidewalks, the hot muffler side of the trimmer can get a little too close to your raised forearm and/or head

– I don’t know why the convention is that trimmer heads on straight-shaft trimmers turn counter-clockwise and the curved shaft trimmers turn clockwise (probably it’s because of the gearing transfer at the head housing with straight shafts and no gearing with a curved flexible shaft that goes from the engine all the way to the head), but it takes some getting used to, if you, like me, are moving to the Tanaka/Hitachi from a curved shaft trimmer; more than once I have found myself pelting my ankles and legs with little pebbles, etc. when not consciously thinking about which way to work the business end of the high-RPM trimming line into the grass or area in front of me

– Another thing that can’t be changed due to the inherent design of a straight-shaft trimmer: although the increased reach of the straight shaft is great for getting under things like decks, swing sets, etc., when used in a vertical orientation for trimming driveways and sidewalks, the straight shaft doesn’t put you in as favorable position to see how you’re doing on trimming that driveway or sidewalk edge as you get with the curved shaft trimmers which give you a much better view; and once again, you’ve got to always be thinking of your work setup because the “opposite” rotation of a straight-shaft trimmer can hurt you a lot more when used in a vertical orientaion and kicking up pepples toward your head – do NOT neglect using the safety glasses Tanaka/Hitatchi conscientiously provides in the box!

Bottom-line, even with all these pet peeves and areas for design improvement, I still love my Tanaka. It is so light yet powerful, I actually look forward to doing that part of the yard work because it is a tool that you can depend on and one that delivers visible results instantly that you can take satisfaction in. Obliterating weeds and stray grass at screaming high RPMs = lots of fun. Walking behind my mower in circles around my yard = definitely not as much fun. (source)

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