My Review of Husqvarna 128LDX

Weeds? What weeds? Whoops, that was a tree…

I may have stretched the truth a bit with that title, but if you look up any weed whacker reviews online for models released during this past year, you will see that this particular gas-powered model from Husqvarna comes in at the top of just about everybody’s list… and it’s for a good reason.


What do you get?

This weed whacker has a smart start, a built-in fuel pump, and an auto-return stop switch. For anyone who’s not entirely sure what those features mean, let me sum up the benefits: it starts when you try to start it. As opposed to on the third time, or the fifth time… or, even, the second time. This baby is reliable. It starts up when expected, and runs like a dream, with an amazingly lightweight construction and an incredibly smooth operation for a gas-powered weed trimmer. Online reviews are in accord with one another: it’s the weed whacker equivalent of a smooth ride.

Doubles as a edging tool

This item switches from trimmer to edging tool in the blink of an eye. It provides contractor-level service; i.e., professional landscapers use it. It offers sound protection whether using the cutting spool or the grass blade… oh, did I mention that it has a grass blade? Mow your lawn while you’re at it, seriously. It’s easier to handle than a walk-behind mower, and if you’ve got a small yard, it’ll do the job easily. The external gas tank is clear to the point where you can easily see when you’re about to run low… whereupon you stop, refill the tank, and start it up again. Before you know it, the no-hassle startup has you up and running once more.

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Any negative sides?

The only real negative aspect to this trimmer that anybody seems to talk about is that which all gas-powered weed whackers have in common: the noise. It’s louder than an electric trimmer… something which holds true for any gasoline-powered weed whacker in existence. To me, it doesn’t seem like it’s any louder than any other gas-powered variety; it’s more like people can’t believe there’s nothing “wrong” with a thing. They have to find its weakness, its vulnerable spot… well, there you have it. It’s loud… also, it uses gasoline. Gas smells funny.

So while you’re trimming, you might have a wrinkled nose, and you won’t be able to fall asleep. I do hope that’s not a problem. Oh! You shouldn’t operate it while drunk… that whole “whoosh-whoosh-cutting-surface” thing could make for a potential problem, despite the fact that the protective case surrounding a significant portion of that surface on this particular model of weed whacker is far more significant than that of any other model I’ve ever known. Most models look like their protective surfaces are meant to simply remind you that there’s trimming line less than a yard away from your feet; this model actually seems set up to afford some significant amount of protection. Hopefully, it won’t be necessary… but it’s always nice to have that extra degree of reassurance.

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